Monday, April 11, 2011

Sea World

Brandon and I took Mackenzie to Sea World this past Friday. We left early in the morning and were there when they first opened.
We had planned on going in April since last fall, knowing it would be a little cooler than going in the heat of the summer. It was only a LITTLE cooler with a high of 91!

She was really excited to see the Sea Lions, so that's one of the first things we went to see. She also liked the aquarium with the fish and sharks. My favorite phrase of hers was, "yay, I found Dori!" (For those that don't know, that's the blue fish from Finding Nemo.) We also saw the dolphins, but since we didn't buy any fish, they didn't come anywhere near us so that we could pet them. Brandon and I know better by now and knew she wouldn't want to touch the dolphin even if we had bought the fish to feed them. There was one moment when Mackenzie was so busy doing this...

...she didn't notice that a dolphin was coming near her. She did see it in time to squeal and jump back off the wall!

We had a lot of fun, but by 2:30 we were worn out and super hot, so we went to our hotel. We wanted to get Mackenzie a keepsake from the gift shop and we no matter how much we pushed the stuffed dolphin or Shamu, she wasn't really interested. The thing she was the most interested in were the books. Those she sat on the floor with and looked at thoroughly. So that was her keep sake - 5 books with a theme of aquariums, penguins and other underwater animals. She loves them and has already "read" them several times.


  1. Welcome back world travellers!!! SOOOOOOO excited the new of MEredith!!!!! Sisters will be precious!!! :)

    We've been wanting to go back to Sea World. The boys were about 20 months old, but loved it. We got books too! I looked everywhere for a Christmas ornnment, but never found one.

    And Vegas... Jason had a week long conference there and thought it would be fun for us to go back. Now that a real friend has gone, he may be able to convince me! hahaha

  2. So glad you got to make a fun family trip! I bet Mackenzie loved it.


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