Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's another Girl!!!

We found out on Thursday that we are having another girl! We are so thrilled to know the gender and be able to call the baby by name! We've only agreed on a first name so far...Meredith. I'll keep you updated on the middle name. Below is her first profile picture!
Now I can begin the process of going through all of Mackenzie's old clothes and baby stuff and start organizing the nursery. We've decided to use the same bedding that Mackenzie had, so at least I don't have to choose bedding again! I think the only new thing we really need is a double stroller. We've found one online that we think we like, but I need to go check it out at a store near my office to see how heavy it really is.

I also need to think of a new collection for this baby, since we have elephants for Mackenzie. I always thought if it was a boy, I'd do monkeys, but I guess I could still do monkeys for girl, couldn't I?

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  1. I'm so excited about Meredith!! And I love her name. Did you show the picture to Mackenzie?

    What about Bunnies or Giraffes? Just let us know so we can start shopping. LOL


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