Saturday, April 23, 2011


Back in January, we signed Mackenzie up for a dance class at her school, once a week for 30 minutes. There's no uniform and no other expense other than the once a month fee, so that makes it really convenient since she stays at her school the entire time. The bummer is that it happens at 10:30 in the morning, so I don't get to sit and watch her at her school. However, her school has online viewing, so I usually watch a couple minutes of it each week online. Then that night I can ask her what she's been doing.

She loved when they were doing ballet and likes some of the Jazz they are doing now. She has a "recital" one morning at the end of May that parents are invited to and Brandon and I cannot wait to see her dance with everyone else! Below is a little video of her doing some of her "dance". To all of the ballet dancers out there...I know nothing about ballet, so I don't think I asked her to do the right "position", but she still understood what I was asking. I'll worry about understanding ballet more if she continues with this in the coming years.

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