Sunday, March 20, 2011


Mackenzie has never really cared for others to hold her. For the most part, it used to be only those that she sees on a daily basis. In the last 6 months she's gotten better with almost everyone in our family except my dad! I think it's because of his beard and mustache. Despite never wanting to hug or kiss him unless he has food, she talks about him A LOT when he's not around. Lately, if I'm on the phone with someone, she pretends to talk to someone on her phone (play phone, sunglasses, or just her hand). Usually when I ask who she's talking to, she says "Gapa" (my dad). The other day I asked her if Gapa was asking for a kiss and a hug. She responded by saying, "I say no Gapa". She says she won't kiss him because he's "prickady", aka prickly.

A couple of weeks ago when I woke Mackenzie up one morning, she got out of bed and went to her dolls and stuffed animals and said, "Gapa says stop girl." She was pointing to one of her dolls and said the same phrase several times before I realized what she was saying. Finally, I caught on...she was recalling when my dad was playing with her and her dolls back in December. Every time he had this one doll (the one she pointed to) he said, "You go girl." Apparently, Mackenzie couldn't quite remember what he said and replaced "go girl" with "stop girl"! It made me laugh out loud. So funny and I'm sure there will be many more funny phrases to come!

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  1. I really did LOL at that one! "You stop girl!" Funny! I love to hear those stories.


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