Thursday, March 10, 2011


Brandon had my car detailed yesterday and can I just! It hasn't been this clean since we bought it almost 6 years ago!

Before I had Mackenzie, I was one of those people who said I would never let my car be taken over by my kids. I told myself, they wouldn't eat or drink in the back seat...I wouldn't let things pile up in the know just general messyness. My car would be clean all the time!

2 1/2 years later - whatever! Mackenzie drinks back there all the time...sippy cups of every kind of juice and mainly capri suns which as you know are not spill proof. She also eats her snacks...raisins, pretzels, gold fish crackers, french fries, muffins...basically if she's hungry and I have food I pass it back to her. Remnants of all these snacks can be found in every crevice and crack of my car and her car seat. Basically, all of my rules flew out the window when she came along!

To be fair, it's not all her. I constantly leave water bottles, my work boots, my own food wrappers, capri suns and general trash around. I've become quite lazy in cleaning out my car in the last couple of years.

With that said, as of today I'm making it my goal to keep my car clean as long as possible. I know it won't look as nice as it does today, all shiny and smelling new, but hopefully I can keep the trash out! Only time will tell!

Now if only I could do the same thing with my purse! ;)

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