Friday, February 4, 2011

This pregnancy...

Yesterday we got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time, so that was awesome and very reassuring that all is well. I'm due at the end of August but will most likely have another c-section, so it will probably be 8-10 days before that. I'm thinking it will be more like August 20. Everyone keeps saying, "'ll be pregnant in August." Yes, this is true, but I survived an August pregnancy last time with Mackenzie, so I think I'll be fine. (You might have to remind me of this post once July and August comes around! ;))

I'm about 10 1/2 weeks pregnant and I'm already seeing a couple of differences in this pregnancy and when I was pregnant with Mackenzie.

I had always heard that after your first pregnancy, your body quickly remembers what to do and you "pop" sooner. With Mackenzie I was buttoning my regular pants all the way to 12 weeks. This time I had to wear a belly band at 8 weeks. I gave up on the belly band this week and broke out the maternity pants! (Thanks to Erin, I have double the selection of maternity clothes this time around!)

The other difference that I'm super excited about is that I'm not really as tired as I was with Mackenzie. When I was pregnant with Mackenzie, I was borderline anemic and had to take iron pills in addition to the pre-natals, so I was extremely tired for the first 2 months.

I think I can settle for getting bigger earlier if I don't have to be tired all the time!

Other than the nausea, I'm doing great, but can't wait to get past this cruddy first trimester!


  1. I'm so happy to hear more about your pregnancy. And so excited to see your countdown at the top of the blog.

    So glad you are feeling good, except for the yucky nausea. I was always glad when that was over!

  2. August 22 is a great date! So glad that this PG is smoother than the last. I remember being so tired the first trimester that I fell asleep reading a book out loud to my class! Hang in there sweet friend! :)


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