Sunday, February 13, 2011

Joys of Parenting

I love being a parent.

I love being a parent, but I do not like it when Mackenzie is sick! I've said this before, Mackenzie is predictable in her illnesses. Like clockwork she pretty much gets sick about every 3 or 4 months. She was sick just before Christmas (just like last year) and before that is was the end of August (just like the year before). With that said, I wasn't expecting her to be sick until at least March! ;) She decided to switch it up this time! ;)

Thursday I picked her up from school and she was really cranky the entire way home. When we got home I checked her temperature and it was 100.4. I gave her some Tylenol and hoped she would be better by morning. Friday, I stayed home with her because technically she's not supposed to go to school within 24 hours of a fever. She still had the 100 degree fever at 8:30 that morning, so I gave her more Tylenol. By 1:00pm, the fever spiked to 104.1, so she got more medicine and we went to the Doctor that afternoon. Ear infection, the flu and strep throat were all ruled out. I hate that! It's not that I wish Mackenzie to have the flu or strep, but at least with known illnesses, you can get a specific medicine that makes you better. Instead, our prognosis is to keep the fever down and wait for it to go away on it's own. That's what I hate - the waiting game...the constant medicine...the constant temperature taking..."will you drink something for momma and daddy?"..."will you eat something for momma and daddy?"...

I love being a parent.

My reward has been Mackenzie still saying Thank you and I love you even when she doesn't feel good.

The other night I slept with her in the guest bedroom so that I could give her her medicine through out the night. At one point she sneezed and I whispered, "bless you". She whispered back, "thank you momma". It made me smile.

I love being a parent.

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  1. She's so sweet. I hope she is feeling better soon! Keep us posted.


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