Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day

For Valentines Day, Brandon sent flowers to my office. Unfortunately, the flower shop didn't pay attention to typical office hours and tried to deliver the flowers after 5:00 when our office was closed. They redelivered them on Tuesday, but that was my day to stay at home with Mackenzie. So, Wednesday morning when I got to the office, I picked up my flowers at the front desk and took them back to my desk.

About an hour later I had to leave for a meeting and didn't return to the office until after lunch. As I was heading to my desk, I noticed my flowers sitting on the counter in the kitchen. huh?

We have an open office plan, so I asked my coworkers what happened to my flowers and they said one of the partners of our firm saw my flowers and since I wasn't at my desk took my flowers to the kitchen, "for the entire office to enjoy." huh?

I guess he thought I was still out of the office and wouldn't be back for a day or 2, so I wouldn't mind. In my best pathetic voice, I asked if my coworker could go get my flowers for me because I didn't want to walk past the partner's desk with my flowers. He did and now they've been sitting on my desk all week for ONLY me to enjoy!

I told Brandon the next time he sends flowers, he'll have to send a second arrangement to the office - apparently that's office protocol! ;)

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  1. I'm sorry, but that was WAY out of bounds for someone to move your flowers!! And then you would look like the bad guy if you went and got them back...

    Sorry you didn't get the full enjoyment. Tulips are my fave!


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