Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blurb books

In an effort to complete some unfinished tasks before I have 2 children and don't have a lot of spare time, I've been focusing on my blurb books. I have 2 unfinished books - "My first Pregnancy" and "My Blog - 2007/2008". I haven't touched my pregnancy book since about a week before Mackenzie was born. I just need to add a few pictures, the final birth picture, time and weight and then I'll be done.

The blog book is another story. When I pulled in all of the posts the book was 140 pages. I've double up some of the posts and I'm slowly adding all of the comments. I'm down to about 120 pages and I've officially edited 70 of them. I only have a little ways to go and then I'll look at it one last time before sending it to the printer.

I guess after those 2 books, I'll start on this pregnancy book and the 2009, 2010 blog books. I can't imagine how big my 2010 book will be with 189 posts, when my 2008 book has 120 pages and only 97 posts!

For those who have made books of their blogs...any recommendations for format or anything else?

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