Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I know sometime in the near future Brandon and I will be buying lots of Barbies for Mackenzie. My sisters and I played with barbies all the time when we were young. Once when my brother was a toddler he actually stepped into and sat in the bus/van/RV thing we had for our barbies. I'm pretty sure he probably broke something and us girls didn't really appreciate that at age 9! ;)

I received an email today about a Barbie that will debut this fall and I MUST buy it!

Meet Barbie Architect!

What do you think - does it look like me?
Where's her all black clothing?
Where's her computer?
I don't think it's appropriate to where a dress on the jobsite!

Even though it's not quite the Architect I would imagine and doesn't look like any Architects I know, I still need to buy it.

The question is, do I say it's for me or Mackenzie?! ;)


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