Saturday, January 22, 2011

Surprise Party!

A couple of weeks ago my family and I had a surprise party for my Granny's 70th birthday. I thought maybe I shouldn't mention her age, but since the pictures below will clearly give it away, maybe it's ok. ;)

While the party itself was a surprise, the REAL SURPRISE was flying in my aunt Rhonda and cousin Chloe for the party. They live in Utah and hadn't been down for a visit since last spring. My mom picked up Rhonda and Chloe at the airport on Friday night and then the 3 of them came to my house for a "slumber party"! Well, we did stay up until midnight cooking and visiting, but then we went to sleep - not much of a true "slumber party". It was really fun for the 5 of us girls to go to dinner and then prepare the food for the party. We had a really great time.

We went over several scenarios of how we should surprise Granny with Rhonda and Chloe...hide in a room and call her, then come out...answer the door and surprise her that way...have Chloe just sit there and act normal until Granny notices... The list went on and on. In the end, Granny and Papa arrived early and we had to just wing it! I answered the door and brought her back to the living room. My brother and his wife were standing there to greet her and then Chloe was right behind them and just walked up to Granny and hugged her! Then Rhonda came from the other hallway. SURPRISE!

We decided to go with a pink and black theme.
Rhonda and I had a great time decorating the cupcakes. We had pink and black sprinkles and I had a tube of black icing from Mackenzie's Elmo/Oscar cupcakes. It was fun to be creative and decorate them however we wanted. My mom had everyone take a lighted cupcake while we were singing Happy Birthday and then when we were finished we all blew out the candle for Granny.

This is Granny's cupcake just for her.
Mackenzie of course had to help open the first present, but then got a little wrapped up with playing with the tissue paper and didn't really help with the rest.Everyone had a great time playing and talking in the backyard and it was great weather for it!
Happy Birthday Granny!!!!


  1. That was such a wonderful visit and so fun to surprise Granny!

  2. What a wonderful surprise! Love all the pink & black too.


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