Tuesday, January 25, 2011

F says "ffffff"

Mackenzie has difficulty making the "f" sound. Actually she doesn't have difficulty making the sound itself, she just doesn't say it at all. Instead she says words like:

poot (foot)
pish (fish)
pinch pies (french fries)
tipany (Tiffany)
parmer (farmer)
chinished (finished)

"Chinished" is by far my favorite word she says. I've tried getting her to say the "f" sound and she'll repeat the sound just fine, but as soon as we use it in a word, the "f" disappears. In the case of the word "finished", she said, "ffff-chinished".

I need to think of something funny for her to say that will make her want to repeat the "f" sound. Any ideas???

1 comment:

  1. Bribe her! Get some french fries. When she says it correctly she gets to eat one. :)


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