Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas at home

Our first Christmas in our new home was great! Santa came a day early so that we wouldn't be rushed on Christmas day when we had to leave for my grandparents' house and drive to Dallas afterward.

Santa brought Mackenzie a play kitchen, which she loves!
She has sooooo much playfood already, it's unbelievable! The microwave and stove even make noises when you push the buttons, so it sounds like you really are cooking.

She loved her stocking, although I'll admit, I might have eaten her candy and only shared a little with her! ;) That's my job, right?!

We had to take a break from opening presents so she could read her new books. I love that! Although that might not be so good when she gets older and is reading chapter books! ;)One of the other hits of Christmas is her Magnadoodle. We even took this to Dallas. She likes for me and Brandon to draw on it, so she can erase it. She's very demanding when she points to the toy and says what she wants you to draw: "mickey mouse", "minnie mouse", "flower", "pig", "dog"...
Sorry there aren't any pictures of me and Brandon opening gifts. There were a couple of me, but they weren't very flattering. I think next year I need to consider my pajamas and what my hair looks like before we have Christmas! ;)

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  1. She looks like she is genuinely reading that book! She is concentrating so hard. :)


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