Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Burritos and 2-percenters

As an Aggie, I was introduced to Freebirds my freshman year at A&M. Because I'm a picky eater, I always got rice, chicken and cheese only - very plain, I know. When we moved to Houston 4 years later, we found the nearby Freebirds and went about once a month. Once we moved to our house on 290 we frequented Freebirds less often, but it was always a treat to go and eat a "bird" or burrito.

In Grad school, classmates would invite me to eat at Chipotle and I always refused. I refused because...don't laugh...I was afraid I might like it better than Freebirds and I didn't want to be a "2-percenter". For non Aggies, a 2-percenter is an Aggie that doesn't do all of the Aggie traditions - basically not a "true Aggie". ;)

Finally, I broke down one day at work and went to Chipotle. It turns out I should have listened to myself! I really really really like Chipotle and don't really want to eat at Freebirds. I have Chipotle about once every 2 weeks and now they make sweet tea, so it's even better!

In short, I'm a 2-percenter...and I'm OK with that. ;)


  1. If you'll take the opinion of a 100% Red Raider (0% Aggie), you should try Bullritos! I think its the best of the three. And the most kid friendly too.

  2. I think you should have gone incognito with this post. Or at least disguised the word Aggie like A@ggie. I hope there won't be any severe repercussions with admitting this so openly!!



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