Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Thoughts

1. I was behind my subaru cowboy (I blogged about him a while ago, but can't seem to find the post) this morning. Remember, he's the guy wearing the cowboy hat driving a subaru station wagon? I still don't understand.

2. I've completed Christmas shopping for 3 people so far. I have 15 people I need to buy for total. Typically, this isn't a big deal for me. I usually already have the gifts or I at least know what I want to buy. The problem this year is that I haven't figured out what I to buy for everyone. So even if I have time to shop, I have don't know where I need to go to buy the gifts, so I end up just sitting at the house or at work thinking about what to buy, but not buying anything. I probably just need to pick a store and go look around and see what I find.

3. My mom bought us the Elf on the Shelf a couple of years ago and we are finally starting the tradition this year. We named him Tiny and Mackenzie looks for his new hiding spot every morning. This morning as she was looking around she said, "whe are ooo, Tiny?" Then when she spotted him, she said, "yook, Tiny on pidge." (Look, Tiny's on the fridge).

4. We are doing better with the naming of stuffed animals and dolls. Brandon's mom bought Mackenzie a little stuffed kitty cat in a purse this weekend and we named her Pinky for her pink nose and pink purse. She's actually a white cat, but I didn't think "Whitey" sounded very good or PC. ;)

5. I'm taking Friday off for no real reason other than Mackenzie has to get the other half of her flu shot at 10:00am and I have to meet Brandon downtown for his Christmas party at 7:00pm. I realize those 2 appointments are very spread out, but like I said I'm taking the day off for no REAL reason. I'm looking forward to it very much!

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