Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cars on the Road

So, it's been a while since I've blogged about different things I see while driving. Today I saw several vehicles on the road that made me say, "huh? why would someone do that?"

1. Cars decorated for Christmas. I saw the one that has the antlers out of the front windows and the big red nose. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but why is there a need to decorate your car? Why does it need to look like a reindeer?? Please clarify. I also saw a car with a big wreath on the front. Wreaths are for doors and walls...not cars.

2. Spiked wheels/hub caps. They remind me of the ones from Grease during the drag race scene. I've seen them on several cars lately and I don't understand the point other than to "pimp your ride". Although, maybe it might keep people from parking too close to your car if the spikes stick out far enough. Is there a law on how far things like that can stick out?

3. Angled back wheels. I know that BMW's have slightly angled/tilted back wheels, but this was not a BMW and these were not just tilted slightly. Does it actually provide better stability or again is it just for show? Either way they are going to spend more money on new tires because they won't last as long since then inside edge will wear faster and they won't be able to rotate the tires.

4. I used to see a lot of low rider cars, but lately I've been seeing raised vehicles and I'm not talking about trucks. Today I saw a medium size sedan with huge wheels on it. The car looked stupid sitting so far off the ground. Again, why????!

These 4 or 5 cars I saw within 15 minutes on my drive from the job site to work. Based on the descriptions of numbers 2-4, I may or may not have been in the best parts of the city! ;)

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