Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Blog Review

Last year I copied other blogs and did a blog recap by looking at the first sentence of the first post in each month. Let's see what happened this past year!

January: I made the mistake of standing next to Mackenzie's car and honking the horn with my foot.So many funny things happen when Mackenzie is involved! I love watching her mimic us, although we are having to watch exactly what we say because now she does really listen and repeat. All this week she's been saying, "Oh gosh".

February: On Friday, my sister called to tell me she was pregnant!The twins were born in August and are absolutely adorable. Nina and Noah are already 4 months old and it was great to see them this Christmas. I even have pictures of Mackenzie and Nina dressed alike, which I promise to post in the new year along with the rest of Christmas!
March: Mackenzie received another package from my aunt Rhonda. This time it was full of beaded or crocheted socks!
She still wears those socks sometimes. She loves them even now. I used those socks many times as a tool to distract her when I was dropping her off at school. "Show them how your socks jingle..." as I slip out the door.

April: This past weekend, Brandon's mom came for a visit (aka Nana).
Brandon's mom comes for a visit about every 6 weeks and Mackenzie really loves it. She used to be so timid when people came to our house, but now when she or other family members come to visit, she's fairly friendly.

May: I used to read A LOT! I've gotten back into it lately, but it's not as easy to find the time now a days!
I'm proud to say I read 15 books this year. With our trip to Dallas and time off this past week, I managed to add the final 2 books with the Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island. I saw on someone's facebook status that their goal was to read 24 books this past year! I won't make that my goal this year, but maybe I'll try for 18!

June: The World Cup begins next week.
I came in second place in that office pool, without knowing a single thing about soccer! I missed it by 1 or 2 points and unfortunately there was not a second place prize. Oh well, the winner had to bring breakfast, so I was still a winner! I'll try again in 4 years!

July: Ever since I read about this recipe, I've been dying to make it.
This was the simple, yet so delicious pound cake and ice cream flower pots. The dessert was perfect and since I made 18 total and only 4 people showed up, we had plenty of leftovers! I need to make them again very soon!

August: We finally sold our house!!!
This was the highlight of the summer! I can't tell you how happy we are that our house sold and we moved the next month! We absolutely love our new house and look forward to many memories made in this home.

September: Sunday on our way home from dinner, Mackenzie wanted to sing, "pider".
Mackenzie loves to sing in the car. She also loves to make us sing. If I stop singing, she is always there to yell from the back seat, "sing momma". She also will tell you if she doesn't like "momma's music" and wants "kiki's music". I'm always happy to oblige - I like the kids songs just as much as mine! ;)

October: Two years ago I read this blog and thought, "I hope I can plan parties like that for my daughter."
I loved that party. We actually still have 2 foil balloons attached to Mackenzie's easel from almost 3 months ago. The helium has stayed very well within the balloons because they aren't droopy or anything! Hopefully they'll be gone by her next birthday!

November: Then, I wish I used my video camera more!
I think this should be one of my new years resolutions. I know it sounds so simple to do, but we don't very many videos of Mackenzie and I wish we had more. I need to leave the camera where it's easily accessible and pick it up maybe as much as I pick up my digital SLR. We'll see what happens with that resolution.

December: We are so ready for Christmas.
We enjoyed the entire month of December and especially Christmas. Clearly, my blogs have been lacking this month, but I promise to post about Christmas sometime in the next week!

Well, there you have it! My 2010 blog recap. I loved doing this last year and again this year. I highly recommend it to everyone! See you next year!

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  1. OK,I like the blog recap! I'm off to do it on my blog....

    P.S. I would love for you to use your video camera more. I have enjoyed the ones you made!


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