Monday, November 15, 2010


We saw LOTS of princesses this past Saturday! Either on the ice or in the stands, they were everywhere! I was glad I had Mackenzie wear here pink tool skirt, because otherwise she might have been the only girl without some sort of tool skirt or costume!

There were multiple Snow Whites, Belles, Cinderellas, the stands, but we saw the "real princesses" on the ice!

First we saw Mickey and Minnie - which I think were Mackenzie's favorite.

We saw Snow White and the seven Dwarfs.We saw Belle and the dancing dishes.

Ariel and Eric were there, of course.

Mulan and her "Prince" (I don't remember his name), were also there.

We saw Sleeping Beauty and the evil witch (again I don't know her name). I will say that this seen was the "scariest" and darkest part of the show. I don't think I'll be watching Sleeping Beauty with Mackenzie any time soon just in case the movie is a little scarier than the ice show.

This is the last picture we took before we left - sweet Cinderella.
We left early because 2 hours is just too long for a 2 year old to stay seated and pay attention. At the intermission after an hour it was already getting difficult. By 1:15 (it had started at 11:30), I looked at Brandon and said, "we need to go home". So we did and missed all the traffic! Yay!

We really enjoyed ourselves and I think Mackenzie really liked it even if she did get a bit restless towards the end. Maybe by next April, we could actually stay for the whole performance of Toy Story on Ice, if we choose to buy those tickets.

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  1. Psssst, Charlton, it's spelled "tulle". Giggle.

    That looks like a lot of fun. I've never been to one of those shows. Mackenzie is really growing up! Granny told me how well she did Saturday night for them. Wish I could see her!


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