Sunday, November 28, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

We bought our Christmas tree the weekend before Thanksgiving and Brandon put it up that same day, but we (I) decorated it on Friday. I wish we had a good place to put the tree in the living room, but we don't so it will reside in the office.

We have a bigger tree than we've ever had before and without buying any new ornaments I still managed to fill it up! I was hesitant about buying a tree with colored lights, but I really like it with all of our ornaments! I still need a tree topper, but maybe I'll find one soon.

Hopefully, I'll get a picture of Mackenzie in front of the tree when she's dressed more "Christmas like" and also when there are actual presents under the tree.

I'm so excited that Christmas is in 28 days! I'm not ready for it, but still sooo excited! ;)

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