Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My mom would be disappointed

Yesterday on my way to work I looked down at what I was wearing and laughed:

White 3/4 sleeve blouse
black and white wool skirt
bare legs - as in no hose or tights
open toed shoes even though my toenails weren't painted

To be fair, the high yesterday was 78 or 80 so I wasn't going to wear tights, but I probably should have changed skirts. I'm sure I committed a major fashion faux pas and my mom would have been so disappointed! ;) Sorry, Momma! ;)

Luckily, I didn't have any meetings yesterday and didn't go out to lunch, so no one really saw me except Mackenzie's day care. It's just so hard when the weather is like this because I think my summer clothes are not enough, but my winter clothes are too much.

Today, on the other hand I am wearing closed toes shoes, pants and a sleeveless shirt. At least I'm a little more appropriately dressed for an 80 degree high.

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