Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My first cheesecake

Sunday I cooked my first cheesecake. Sunday I also threw my first cheesecake down the garbage disposal!

It turns out that I didn't cook it long enough and didn't think to check it before I pulled it out of the oven, let it cool and put it in the fridge. Mandy, if you are reading this...1 hour is not long enough! ;)

While the cheesecake was a bummer, my other 3 pies turned out just fine, so I know the problem isn't all me! ;). Does anyone have any good pointers for making cheesecake?


  1. That is a shame! My only pointer is cook it a long time. I'm not saying that to tease you, but because the one I make takes at least an hour longer to cook than the recipe says.

  2. Here's one tip. Especially since you are in a new house. Get an oven thermometer. Set the temp to 350 and when it says it is preheated, see what the "actual" temperature is on the oven thermometer. I always do this when I cook in a new oven, just got one last week before I tried to cook a turkey in the new oven. I knew this oven was cooking slow. Turns it it's off by almost 35 degrees.

    I think cheesecake just takes a little practice to know when it's cooked long enough. Too bad it ended up down the disposal!


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