Friday, November 5, 2010


I love my new iPAD.
Brandon loves my new iPAD.
Mackenzie loves my new iPAD.

It's safe to say that the iPAD is fun for the whole family! Whenever I sit down with the iPAD Mackenzie comes running to me to watch "Chawi Bown". Otherwise known as "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" that ABC aired last week. She also likes this matching game we downloaded and she's actually surprisingly really good. She can do up to about 10 cards (5 matches) before she starts forgetting what card had what animal picture. The hardest thing of her is learning to only tap once.

So far I've just been using it mainly to surf the internet, but I did download the app so that I'm connected to my nook and can read my books from either device. I've also downloaded quite a few free books. Now if I would just use my free time to read instead of surfing the internet! ;)

My next task is to upload my contacts and appointments so that it becomes more of a planner for me that I could use on a regular basis. The otherthing we are excited about doing is using it as a portable DVD player in the car when we go to Dallas for Christmas.

YAY for free gifts! I highly recommend joining an event that gives this prize away! ;)

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