Monday, November 29, 2010

Elfa and Friends

Every time Mackenzie shows my mom one of her dolls or animals, my mom asks her what their name is. And every time, my answer is, "Oh...we haven't named them." Then a couple of weeks ago, my Papa also asked Mackenzie for the name of one of her dolls. Apparently, Mackenzie and I need to start naming her dolls and animals. Does everyone do that?

On Thanksgiving Day Mackenzie received this doll from Granny (my grandmother).
My mom named her Elfa and everyone agreed this was a good name, including Mackenzie. My dad actually asked Mackenzie if the dolls name was Elmo and Mackenzie said, "No Elmo. Elfa."

While decorating for Christmas we found more Christmas dolls/stuffed animals. It was funny to hear what Mackenzie thought the animals were.

This was a bear:
This was a goat:
And this was a monkey:
The picture doesn't really show it too well, but this is a moose with long lanky arms and legs.

I guess we should probably work on Christmas/winter animals! Oh and I should probably have all of these named before my mom comes to visit in two weeks! ;)

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