Monday, October 4, 2010

Welcome to Sesame Street

Two years ago I read this blog and thought, "I hope I can plan parties like that for my daughter." I'm sure I could if I needed to, but this year I decided to copy the exact same party. I even borrowed some of the decorations! ;) Thanks Kim!

So, just in case someone needs a Sesame Street Party soon or 2 years from now, here is my version:

First you need some decorations:
I had more decorations, I promise, but I forgot to take pictures before the party and after the party...well it was after the party...and everything was a mess. Just imagine red, green, yellow and blue...basic sesame street colors.

Next you give all of the kids empty goody bags:
We started outside (gorgeous weather by the way) and hunted for Big Bird's eggs.
And just for looking for his eggs everyone received this:

Next we helped Ernie scoop up rubber duckies:For helping you received some bubbles:
Then we went in side for Oscar's trash toss and Pin the nose on Elmo.
We don't have pictures of these activities, but the little ones received little Slimeys for throwing away trash...
And Dorothies for pinning Elmo's nose.We had a great lunch consisting of Meatballs and Mac n' cheese because the party was "brought to you by the letter 'm' !"

Finally we got to blow out the candle:
And have Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch cupcakes:
With all that was going on, I forgot to hand out the last two party favors, so I have quite a few extras:
Chocolate chip cookies of course.
And M&M's for Mackenzie Meyers!
I really had a great time planning and preparing, but I'm thankful it's over. Now I can move on and start thinking about Christmas!?


  1. What a great looking party! You did a great job with it!! Wish I could have been there. My banner looks like it fit in perfectly. :) That makes me happy.

  2. How fun! You (and your friend) did such an amazing job! I'm so sad we missed it.



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