Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thank You Pictures

Last year and this year I took pictures of Mackenzie with her birthday presents to send with her thank you cards. I really like this idea and I hope it becomes a tradition in our house.

This year it was like "speed dating" but with her toys. I would hand her a toy and tell her to play with it while I took pictures. After a few pictures, I would take that toy away and give her a new one. I'm sure that's how all kids love to play with their toys! ;)

Some of the pictures turned out really cute, so here they are:

This is the only one that isn't staged. She lined up her chairs and put her dolls (animals/monsters) in the chairs. The only thing I did was ask her to sit in the last chair while I took a picture.

She loves her magnetic "paper doll". This is the perfect toy for church and also at restaurants! I highly recommend.

In our house you really only see Mr. and Mrs. Potato head fully put together for about a few minutes at a time. Most of the time they are just plastic potatoes with body parts all of the floor!

This kitty cat walks and meows. Can you tell the TV is on? Hello? Mackenzie? Look at momma...

"And this is how you cut a peach in half." Other than not looking at the camera, she looks like she's teaching a class with her new cutting toy fruit and veggies set.

She was slowly removing all of the animals from Noah's Ark and putting them neatly in a line.

She also likes this Noah's ark. Again, the animals from this toy are perfect for church too.

Foam letters with Sesame Street figurines. Perfect!

Elmo DVD's. Again, perfect!

She loves to color at her easel. This is one of the things she was playing with at 4:45am last week!

Books - always a good gift for us!

Thank you to everyone who made Mackenzie's second Birthday great! She plays with all of her toys and books regularly and loves them all.

Oh and your thank you cards finally got in the mail today! They are only 3-5 weeks late, but who's counting? Thanks again!

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  1. cute pictures! She looks just like you and your Mom in that last picture.


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