Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It appears this week's blog theme is stealing!

First I "stole" a party idea. Then, I "stole" a prayer bucket idea.

All of this stealing reminded me of a story in Laura Bush's auto-biography that I read this summer. In the book, she mentions all of the theft that takes place at the White House. Apparently when guests come to visit, they feel the need to take home a souvenir without permission. They've had anywhere from soap to place card holders to pieces of the crystal chandeliers or light fixtures! I can't believe it! They even caught one elderly volunteer stealing from the easter egg hunt. Crazy!

I just can't imagine being invited to something so great as the White House and then feeling the need to steal from it just to have a souvenir! What would possess someone to do that? I'm pretty sure you probably received an invitation or some sort of souvenir just to get there, so there would be no need to steal something else.

I don't recall ever physically stealing anything (which is probably a good thing) from anyone. If I have I must have blocked it out and maybe my family will remind me. Brandon's mom has a story about Brandon's youngest brother and how he was told not to take any of the little candy out of the bins at the grocery store. The next time they went to the store he told their mom that if he took any candy "it would be an accident."

Maybe one day I'll be invited to the white house and we'll see if I remember this blog and leave only with the items I brought or if there will be an "accident"! ;)

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