Saturday, October 23, 2010

Office supplies

A few years ago my office had a very strict office supply manager. She was very stingy with office supplies. It's not the she hoarded them and kept them all to herself. No, she had a very strict code on what she bought for the entire office.

For a while she stopped buy binder clips saying they were a waste of money and that we needed to reuse them rather than put them in our files. You mean we shouldn't use them for their intended use? This only made our office vultures when it came to binder clips. People had stashes of binder clips in our desk drawers and we were very weary of giving any away.

One of the most peculiar items she was stingy about was pens. As most offices probably do, our office uses a lot of pens. We use A LOT of red pens. My first 3 years here, we had 2 styles of red pens to chose from - thin and micro ball point pens. That's all. No more.

Soon after she retired, the new office supply manager added 2 new types of pens to our selection. All of us were very thrilled to have more of a selection when it came to redlining our drawings.

Yesterday, I walked to the supply closet to get a new red pen because I had somehow used/lost my last pen and found our offices' new "pen mecca"! We have NINE different types of red pens. Can you believe it?!

So, I did what anyone would do... I grabbed one of each of the new pens! Then I quickly went to show some of my new co-workers and they were also shocked.

It's the little things that make working great! The very little things! ;)

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