Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The next best thing.

Remember when I said I found Mackenzie asleep in her chair a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't taken a picture? I had forgotten that she had fallen asleep the Sunday before. She fought taking a nap earlier that day, but I guess at some point the nap is going to catch up with you! I took a picture and then moved her to a blanket on the floor so she wouldn't get a crick in her neck.

Now all I have to do is picture her in her pajamas holding her bunny and that's pretty much how I found her that Monday morning.


  1. How cute! And I love her little dress.

  2. the dress was a last minute buy at the register. I couldn't resist a little denim dress for her. I'll have to get back into taking pictures of her on Sunday mornings with her new dresses. maybe i can find a special spot like we always had at Granny's.


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