Monday, October 11, 2010

I wish I had taken a picture

This morning Brandon left really early - as in 4:45am! My alarm went off at 5, but apparently when I hit snooze, I didn't really hit snooze, so I woke up at 5:40! I quickly got out of bed, took a shower and got ready for work. Several times I considered getting Mackenzie up so that she wouldn't feel rushed like I did, but chose to let her sleep instead. Finally at about 6:15, I walked to the kitchen to turn on the lights.

As I passed the living room, I heard Mackenzie snoring. I actually stopped and listened again, because I swear it came from her playroom and not her bedroom. I turned on the kitchen light and looked in her playroom and sure enough, there was Mackenzie in her pajamas, holding her bunny and sleeping in her big chair.

I don't know what time she got out of her bed. Brandon said he didn't see or hear her when he left, so I think she got up after he left. She's never gotten out of bed when it was still dark outside, so maybe she got up thinking it was morning, but didn't want to venture into the dark hallway to our bedroom. I have no idea! All I know is I wish I had taken a picture.

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  1. That's funny! It's only the beginning of all sorts of things she can/will get into while you are sleeping. :)


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