Tuesday, October 19, 2010


hmmm...what to blog, what to blog. How about a list of random thoughts. That's what blogs are for right?

1. Most of our new bedroom furniture was delivered on Saturday. Everything but the bed frame, so we are sleeping on the mattresses on the floor. We really like it, but we are having to get use to the bedding. We've turned up the fan to accommodate the slightly heavier duvet and we are returning the new king size pillows and are keeping our "small" pillows for now.

2. Last night was the first time in a week that Mackenzie did not wake up in the 4:00 hour! Woo Hoo! She's getting used to her gate or maybe she's just getting used to the idea that I'm not going to come get her when she cries at her gate at 4:00 in the morning. Well, except for her first night with the gate. I caved on that one.

3. I noticed a guy backing into a parking space today in our parking garage at work. I don't really have an issue with backing into a parking spot except that our parking garage is one way, so when he leaves today he will have to make a very acute turn to get out of his spot. Not that it can't be done, I just don't understand the point. Why go through the hassle of backing into a spot when it's a one way narrow drive going only one way? Did I say it was one way? Why?

4. I'm hungry so I'm going to eat lunch instead of grasping for blogging topics! Have a great day!

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