Friday, October 15, 2010

The Early bird gets

Remember Monday when I found Mackenzie asleep in her chair in her playroom? That was only the beginning...

Tuesday...I woke up to my alarm and made sure I looked at the monitor to see if Mackenzie was still in her bed. Nope. I got up and met her as she was walking to our room. (5:15 am)

Wednesday...still in bed when I woke up, but came into the bathroom while I was getting ready. (5:30am)

Thursday...woke up to paper rustling around in the playroom. I looked in the monitor and sure enough she wasn't in bed. When I got up and called her name, she came running to me with her play necklaces on. I picked her up and laid her down in bed with us. She had to lay there quietly for about 10 minutes until my alarm went off. (4:57am)

Today...Brandon woke me up and asked if she was out of bed. I looked at the monitor and couldn't really tell, but I thought she was and she didn't answer when Brandon called her name, so we laid back down. 2 minutes later we heard sounds again. Brandon got up and found her playing with her Mr. Potato her the dark. (4:45am)

What happened? Last week she sat in her crib and cried for 10 minutes and never once got out of bed even though her door was open. Now she gets out every chance she can.

So other than have super night vision and being a morning person, we've decided she needs a gate at her door to keep her from getting out and roaming the house while we are asleep. Since I don't want to wake up at 4:45am tomorrow morning, we will be getting the gate tonight and will put toys in her bedroom so that she can play in her room tomorrow morning. I might also try putting her to bed a little later so that maybe she'll sleep a little later.

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