Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Party Fun!

This weekend we went to our friend Liz's 2nd birthday and had a lot of fun! One of the activities was finger painting.

Oh...did I mention the paint was actually melted chocolate? It sure was tasty! ;)

This is Mackenzie's finished product:
I think as long as the A/C never goes out in our house in the middle of the summer, the picture will be perfect. 'Cause as everyone knows...heat is not a chocolate painting's best friend! ;)

After playing a little more, we got to decorate our own cupcakes.
Hmm...I wonder if this tastes as good as it looks...
Yep! De-lish!

Thanks Erin for such a great party. We really enjoyed it.

On a side note, this was the first time I'd been back to visit our friends from our old church since we've moved and I was not prepared for missing everyone so much. We have been sooooo busy for the last few months, that I didn't even think about how I would miss seeing our friends. I was fine for the first 30 minutes of the party until one of our good friends had to leave early and I had to say goodbye. Then...the tears came.

This is the part in the blog where Brandon finds out I cried at a birthday party and says, "really? why?" Yes, honey...I cried.

I was not expecting the tears at all. As far as I was concerned we were going to a party and I was going to visit with friends I hadn't seen in a few weeks. Little did I know my heart was really missing my friends and the party made me realize it. In the end it was all fine and I really enjoyed myself and because I got my crying over with at the beginning, I had no difficulty leaving the party. I was able to say, "bye, see you later" with a smile on my face. (it also helped that Mackenzie had fallen and scraped her knee and was crying and wouldn't let me put her down.)

Lesson: I've learned that while we only moved 30 minutes away, we changed churches and therefore will not see our friends as often. This is where I need to make the effort to keep in touch and do things with my friends more often so that I don't need to cry at every birthday party we go to!


  1. It made me sad marking you as en ex-member in the church database yesterday. I hope you keep coming to Bunko!

  2. I saw you crying but you didn't say anything when I walked over to you so I didn't want to pry. We miss seeing you, too. I'm so glad you were able to make it to the party though! Looks like Mackenzie had a good time! Success - yay!


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