Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A couple of nights ago I picked up our dinner at one of my favorite fast food restaurants. Mackenzie was in the backseat and this is how our conversation went as we drove home with our food.

MM: Bies (fries)

Me: just a minute, they are hot.

MM: Bies

Me: just a minute, let me get on the road

MM: momma

Me: no answer


Me: what Mackenzie


Me: what do you say?

MM: peas (please)

Me: Be careful it's hot (I hand her a fry)

MM: dank you

Me: your welcome

She takes a bite and then says..."HOT!"

This was soon followed by, "more peas". She ate just about half the container by the time we got home. The sad thing about all of it is, is that I ordered apple sauce for her and the fries were mine! ;)

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