Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bedtime routine

Before we moved I usually got home around 6:00 after picking Mackenzie up from school. By the time we ate dinner and had a bath it was pretty much bed time. I would hold her for a little bit while we watched a little sesame street and then I would put her in bed. Because of this small amount of time, I never took the time to read her books before bed, until about a month before we moved. Around that time I started sitting on the couch with her and read her about 4 or 5 books before bed time. Now that we've moved, we typically have a little more time and we don't have cable, so the TV is not distracting us and I can read several books to Mackenzie before bed.

I say all this to explain, that I'm a little behind in creating the routine I always wanted for Mackenzie. I always imagined reading to her before bed, lying her down and praying with her before bed. She was 22 months before I started reading to her on a regular basis, but finally at age 2, I finally have a routine, including the prayer.

Last week I started praying with Mackenzie when I put her in her bed and last night when I asked her if she was ready to go "night night", she responded with, "and pray". Yippee!

I'm thinking about reusing this bucket with pictures as a prayer bucket. On Marianna's blog a couple of years ago she mentioned a prayer bucket that her and her daughter used to pray before bed. Every night they would pick a name from the bucket and pray for that person. I figure I could use the same pictures and that's who we'd pray for. I need to update the bucket with some of our friends and maybe some other pictures, but for now it's a start.

Since I'm a little behind with this routine, what are some ways you pray with your kids? do you draw specific names or just generally pray every night?


  1. That is such a sweet idea! I wish I had thought of that with my kids. We would say a prayer together. They would each pick out a book and each of them had a favorite song that I would sing to them. Of course they each got to hear each others books and songs. Bedtime rituals can get out of control when you start adding more kids. Ha!

  2. I think the prayer bucket is a sweet idea. Right now we pray for the people and things that Liz comes in contact with that day because it's more present on her mind. We don't do a lot of reading generally because we read so much during the day, but we always sing after the bath while getting ready for bed and prayer time. Sweet moments with our kids.


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