Thursday, October 28, 2010

3rd Generation Friends

So my "friend" P-dub blogged last week about how her children were 5th generation friends with another family. This got me thinking about our family friends.

One of the first trips I went on with Brandon's family was a trip to see Cindy's (Brandon's mom) best friend, Chanda. Cindy and Chanda have been friends since at least High School, but probably longer than that. Brandon and his brother's think of Chanda and her family as their family. Chanda's two daughters are the same age as Brandon's brothers, so they've played together and been friends all of their lives.

This is from 2002: Chanda and Cindy are on the right and Lacie (Chanda's daughter) is sitting next to Brandon's youngest brother. Also note that every picture from this weekend included either Brandon or his brother making a goofy face and this one is no exception.

Chanda holding Mackenzie two Christmases ago.

Lacie with her son Lincoln 2 years ago.

Now that we are all "grown up" and having kids of our own, I think it's cool that our kids will hopefully be friends with their kids, and therefore be 3rd generation friends.
This year, at Christmas, it will be fun to see Lincoln and Mackenzie play together, not to mention Lacie and Trisha have both had little boys in the last 6 months, so our families are growing! Next year should be even more fun when they can all run around together and by then my future niece or nephew will be 8 months old! I can't wait!

Are any of you 3rd, 4th or 5th generation friends?

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