Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New to Us Playset

We have an awesome play set that the previous owners of the house installed in the backyard. Last week, we finally took Mackenzie outside to play on it. She absolutely loves it! Well, she likes everything except the swings. If you ask her if she wants to swing, she says, "no."

She loves the slide and every time she got to the bottom she would run back to the stairs saying, "my turn, my turn" like she wasn't the only kid in the backyard.

As you can tell, Mackenzie is very aware that this is her playset. This is her telling me not to get on the playset because it was hers. She's not bossy at all! ;)

She hasn't gone through the tunnel yet, but I think it's because it leads to the play area under the slide and it's kind of dark in there.

I see many more years of playtime ahead. I also see many more referee moments when she has friends over to play and is required to share her playset! ;)

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  1. What a nice playset! I love her frown when she is telling you no!


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