Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New House Tour, Part I

Welcome to our new house! Glad you could stop by! ;)

To our left is the office...use your imagination as this room is still filled with boxes, mix matched book cases and a 15 year old desk I got in high school. This room will have to be in the part II tour posted after we get new furniture and finish unpacking.

To the right is our dining room:
What seemed like such a large dining table in our old house, appears a little small now, but eventually we'll add a buffet/hutch and then it should fill up the room a little more. Oh, and of course hang pictures/decorations.

Next is our guest room with adjoining bathroom:
It just makes you want to come visit right away, huh? Anyone need any boxes and packing paper?

We'll make our way down the hallway to our kitchen.
Complete with the "fixin's" for King Ranch casserole. I have unpacked all of my kitchen boxes and think I've placed everything where I want it. I'm sure over time, I might rearrange things as needed, but for now it seems to work. I did have to buy a step stool for the upper shelves. (Cindy, please note that when you come to visit and want coffee, the 18 coffee mugs that we never use are on the top shelf and the step stool will be needed.)

From the kitchen you could look at the Living room, but again this room will need to be part of the second tour as our new furniture will arrive later this week.

Off of the kitchen/breakfast area is Mackenzie's playroom.
Thank you play room for not being my living room! ;)

As we make our way to the hallway off the living room we find our hall bath to the left:

The walls are light blue and the ceiling is a khaki color. My dilemma for this room was trying to decorate a bathroom for Mackenzie and not make it too "kiddy" as it will be used as the main bathroom that guests will use when visiting. All of this while not having to paint the walls a new color. We had the khaki shower curtain, so I found the striped mat and towels that I think match pretty well and don't focus on the light blue of the wall. It's not that the blue is a bad color, it's just not a color I would have picked.

Next on the tour is the "future child" room:

I know that's a strange name, but that's what it is. Please focus on the word future - as in, "not any time soon." Currently, it's being used to store all of the items a "future child" will need.

And last on our first tour is Mackenzie's room:
She really likes her room and she's done really well with the toddler bed. This past weekend she didn't get out of bed until we called her name to come to our room, even though she had been up for a little bit.

That's it for now. Please stay tuned for a second tour to see the Office, Living room and Master bedroom. Hope you enjoyed the tour and let me know if you are ever in the area and want a real live tour! ;)

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  1. Love it Charlton! Gorgeous kitchen, I'm jealous :) Mackenzie's room is so pretty! Did you do the wall art or was that already there? I really like that.


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