Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday To You!

Saturday we had my parents and brother and sister-in-law over to celebrate Mackenzie's Birthday. I made a simple "fun-fetti" cake which even my brother liked and he doesn't usually eat cake!

Sitting patiently while we sang Happy Birthday.

As she clapped for her self, my brother re-lit the candle.

Deja vu?
She really liked the cake and as Brandon was dipping the icecream she kept asking for "alila". She had to repeat it over and over before we realize she wanted vanila ice cream. I bought the great divide icecream, so she had heard Brandon say, "vanilla or chocolate".
We had a great evening at dinner and clearly we enjoyed our dessert! I'll post more about her gifts later.

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  1. Happy 2nd birthday!!! I can't wait to come celebrate with you guys and see the new house! Maybe Mackenzie will let Liz play on her new playset? :)


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