Thursday, September 2, 2010


The other night when I was using my "stumble" feature on the internet, I came across different flatware/silverware sets that were very interesting. I think most of it is meant to be art, but a couple of them look usable.

I really like the wood handles. Very sleek. Very nice.

This one would be perfect for a seafood themed party, but you would never find this flatware in my house. I would feel like you had to eat fish with it and let's face it, I'm never going to cook and eat fish in my house! yuck! ;)

I'm pretty sure this is an art piece, but maybe not. I think it would be fun to host a dinner party or Christmas dinner and see how everyone uses the utensils.

I also think this is art, but I love how the flatware folds to the ground at the edge of the plate. Just think, you'd never have to worry about which side the fork goes on and if the knife blade turns in or out and which side the spoon goes on...

I'm not sure how you could hold the flatware comfortably and do you think the knife really works?

And last but not least, the most challenging flatware! How on earth do you eat with the dinner fork? It reminds me of some of the forks I've seen at restaurants where the tines are out of alignment and you have to bend them back to eat properly. The salad fork might be a little tough too since the tines are not pointed. And if you aren't careful, you might catch your lip on the spoons like you would on a random spoon that has accidentally been in the garbage disposal!

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