Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Family Sing Along

Sunday on our way home from dinner, Mackenzie wanted to sing, "pider". This is also called, "the itsy bitsy spider" for those who aren't 2 years old and can pronounce the "sp" sound. She loves this song and wanted all of us to sing it together. After "Pider", I chose a different song and Brandon didn't sing along. While I was singing, Mackenzie said, "Daddy" over and over again until Brandon started singing with me. After that she joined in. She did the same thing with me if I didn't sing with Brandon. As cheesy as it was for the 3 of us to sing little kids songs in the car, it was actually really nice.

All of us singing together kind of reminded me of me and my family growing up. We always sang in the car together. Always. I don't really remember singing kids songs, but I always remember us singing to the radio or a CD my dad had made of all of his favorite songs, which in turn became our favorite songs. I'm sure we talked about our day or other things going on, but I know for sure we always sang. My favorite memory is when my brother was learning to whistle and wanted to whistle to the songs like my dad. The problem was, he didn't know how to change notes while singing, so all he could do was whistle to the beat in one monotone whistle. Songs just aren't the same when you hear the same note constantly throughout the song. I don't have any room to make fun, since I can't whistle at all and he would have been at most 11 years old, but oh well.

So, in short, I love that Mackenzie likes to sing and wants others to sing, since I enjoy singing too. I'm looking forward to many more years of all of us singing in the car!

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