Friday, August 13, 2010


Mackenzie's been sick since Tuesday night. Actually she had a fever Sunday night, but was back to normal Monday morning, so to school she went. Then Tuesday night she woke up and had a high fever. We went to the doctor Wednesday and they said it was some sort of viral infection. After 3 days at home and 3 restless nights, this is what I've learned!

1. I do not like viral infections because all you can do is wait it out. There are no antibiotics to heal you - you can only alleviate pain and fever, not the bug.
2. Keep consistent with the tylenol and IB profin dosage. Do not wait longer than the 4 hour or 6 hour timing for each dose.
3. I do not like sleeping on the couch with Mackenzie and it does not go well when all 3 of us sleep in the same bed. I can't wait until we move and we get our spare bed back!
4. Mackenzie is hit or miss with getting her to take her medicine. Sometimes she takes it without incident. Other times, not so much. (My mom is laughing right now thinking about all the times I wouldn't take my medicine! Not an evil laugh, but a laugh nonetheless.)
5. There is only so much childrens' television I can take when Mackenzie wants me to sit with her on the couch.

Last night we were up at 2 and 5 am, but then went to sleep in the bed once Brandon left for school. We slept sound until 8:30. She slept in her bed until 2:00, but then was on the couch with me after that. I'm staying up right now so I can give Mackenzie her medicine at midnight (on schedule) instead of waiting for the fever to come back full force at 1 or 2 am and she's crying because she doesn't feel well. I'll set my alarm for 4 am and go to bed on the couch to get some sleep before the next dose! I feel like I'm back on maternity leave again and she's only 1 or 2 months old. Hopefully the fever will go away tonight or tomorrow, otherwise we'll be heading back to the doctor.

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