Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sweet Shop Birthday Party

We just got back from a birthday party today. It was Mackenzie's friend Emrie's 1st birthday.
This is pretty much all you saw of Emrie whenever she was out of her high chair. She's just learning to walk, so she was everywhere either walking or crawling. I love the skirt!

Mackenzie also got to play with one of her other friends Liz.

Once I got Liz to look at the camera, Mackenzie looked away.
Now neither one of them want to look at the camera. They are both too interested in the floor box. I think Mackenzie was waiting for Liz to get off, so she could step on it. A floor box - how exciting! Oh to be a toddler again! ;)
Mackenzie and Emrie were very interested in baby Karleigh.
The take home goody bag was candy - lots and lots of candy! I tried to get Mackenzie to try a sour worm, but she licked some of the sugar off and wanted nothing to do with it after that.

She did however want all the other stuff in the bag.

I thought she might not take a nap with all of the sugar she had, but she was asleep by the time we got home and is sleeping now. I think I'll wait until Brandon gets home from school and then we'll all dive into the candy bag again! YUM!

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