Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

I'm always thinking of blog ideas. Sometimes they really work out and I actually have quite a lot to say about them. Others - not so much. Below are the "others":

1. Remember the World Cup Office Pool I participated in? I came in 2nd place and I only lost by 3 points! Unfortunately, there is no prize for the first loser. The winner won $200 and is supposed to bring breakfast for the office next week.

2. Last week I dropped Mackenzie off at school and 10 minutes later when I reached the freeway, I realized I was still singing along to her CD. Think "Old MacDonald" and "The wheels on the Bus".

3. I've been pricing different decorations and goodie bags for Mackenzie's birthday party and have come to the conclusion that you could spend a fortune on a child's birthday! I'm doing my best not to. I've written down all of the things I've seen with prices and now I need to start eliminating and creating a budget.

4. This weekend Brandon started school again after having 2 weekends off since his trip to China. I was excited for him to go back only because I got to highlight another weekend off the schedule. From here on out, we're down hill and get closer to graduation. Granted, Brandon's homework load isn't any lighter, but March 5, 2011 (his last day) is finally closer than August 29th of last year (his first day)! Woo Hoo!

5. I pulled weeds in our flower bed Thursday evening. How do weeds get sooooo tall? I'm amazed at how big they can get and how quickly. I guess that explains the term, "growing like a weed." Mushrooms are the same way. We haven't had those in our yard for a few years, but mushrooms can really sprout up overnight!

6. We joined the YMCA at the beginning of the month and have only used it 2 times! To be fair, we didn't go last weekend because Mackenzie had an ear infection and 2 eye infections, so she didn't need to be swimming. I'm hoping to go tomorrow. We might go swimming or I might see how Mackenzie does in the childrens' area while I work out.

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