Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Play Kitchens

Brandon and I have been thinking about what we wanted to get Mackenzie for her birthday. Brandon wanted to buy her a tricycle and I wanted to buy her a play kitchen. We've decided to do the kitchen for Christmas because it's a larger gift, but in the mean time, I'm still looking at different play kitchens.

I had no idea there were so many different types of kitchens. She could have a play kitchen that's better than my real kitchen!

We'll start with this corner kitchen. Very cute with places to hang pots and pans. It looks like it even has a washing machine. This kitchen wouldn't work for us very well in the house we have now. We just don't have room for this size kitchen. Next!
This next one is really cute and I love the bright colors. I think I need to see it in person though, to see just how bright the bright colors are! I'm worried we would open the box, put it together and say, "whoa, that's really bright". And then every time Mackenzie played in her kitchen she would have to wear sunglasses. Especially when looking at the microwave! Next!
This one is the same as above, but in pastels. It's just not the same is it? Next!
Oooh, look at those stainless steel appliances! I know it's a fake kitchen, but it looks a little too fake with the painted window. Next!
This one is my favorite and I think I'll probably end up getting this one, but I'm not completely sure. I like the retro feel and it comes in red, but I'd probably still get the pink one. They have one just like this at our local toy store and Mackenzie enjoys playing with it.
But before I make a final decision, lets see the top of the line please! The deluxe kitchen - Deluxe in both size and price! This one, of course is from a store that rhymes with Mottery Barn. ;)
So, that's the play kitchens for now. Looks like I need to make a decision. I wonder if they will have "new models" by the time Christmas rolls around. Do any of you have play kitchens at your house? Would you recommend a particular model?

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  1. I like the retro one the best! Of course I love the "Mottery Barn" one, but hey, a girl can't have everything.


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