Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 8th of July!

Since I forgot to post 4th of July pictures on the 4th, here are my pictures for the 8th. We had two 4th of July outfits this year, which I guess makes up for not having any last year! ;) I found little bitty clips to put in Mackenzie's hair when I fix her pigtails, so she had pigtails both Saturday and Sunday - oooooh. She wouldn't look at the camera on Saturday, so this is the best I got.
I like her little belly sticking out here.

And here she looks like she is telling me what to do. Which is very typical these days.

Sunday we went to church and then out to lunch. After our afternoon naps, I took her swimming at the Y and she had a lot of fun. We had burgers and tator tots for dinner and watched the fireworks on TV. Very low-key and very relaxing! The different pre-shows on TV were very interesting. I loved the differences between the Houston pre-show and D.C. pre-show. Very stereotypical for the South and East Coast: Country music vs. classical music.

Because of the wonderful afternoon nap, I couldn't go to sleep until almost 1 or 1:30! All I know is that fireworks were still going off in our neighborhood after 1 am! Letting this annoy me, just proves I'm getting older! If I was in high school or college, I wouldn't have cared! ;)

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