Tuesday, July 6, 2010


...to the TV. About a month ago, I noticed Mackenzie's ability to focus on the TV for more than 5 minutes and thought I would record Sesame Street for her to watch in the evenings or on weekends. SHE LOVES IT! She loves all of it, but especially "Melmo" aka Elmo. He's her favorite! She now sits for an entire episode of Sesame street - about 50 minutes!

One Sunday when Brandon was out of town, I decided to see if she would watch a Disney movie. I think I've always wanted someone to share my love of Disney movies with and I felt this was the start of something special!

In the past, I've played different movies, but she wasn't that into them - but this time I knew she could focus if she liked it. I chose Little Mermaid because what girl doesn't like Little Mermaid?

This is her during the scene where the chef is trying to cook Sebastien.
Not even a twitch while I took pictures of her! She really liked it - yay!


  1. What a look on her face!! Now you have a movie buddy. :)

  2. Should also mention, now is when you will realize how scary some of those Disney movies are!

  3. Rylan called him "Melmo" too! I think Rylan and Mackenzie would be good TV buddies - he is always in a trance when it is on too! Our current faves are Peter Pan and Robin Hood. GOtta love those Disney Classics!


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