Thursday, July 1, 2010

Flower Pots

Ever since I read about this recipe, I've been dying to make it. It's not like I actually had to "make" it or "bake" it. It's more like putting together. Sort of an arts and crafts with food. ;)

I had bunco at my house on Thursday, so these desserts were the perfect treat! I made 4 different kinds - vanilla, chocolate, moo-lenium crunch, and mint chocolate chip - and a total of 12 pots. I wasn't sure how much ice cream each one would have, so we have a LOT of left over ice cream, but I'm not complaining! The pots were the perfect size and have about a one inch thick piece of pound cake, 1/3 pint of ice cream and about 3 oreos crushed. It's not fattening at all! ;)
They are a big hit in our house, even though when I first told Brandon what I wanted to make he said, "and you eat it out of a flower pot?" Apparently, the real thing changed his opinion. I heard him open the freezer drawer Tuesday morning at 3:30 to retrieve a dessert (he still has a bit of jet lag)!

Incidentally, I bought these red, black and white pots with the intention of using them some how for Mackenzie's birthday party in September. Ladybugs here we come!

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  1. Those look good, and cute! I bet they were a hit.


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