Friday, July 30, 2010

Figgy Newton

A couple of Sundays ago Brandon and I decided to eat at a restaurant that was about 20 minutes away from church. This is unusual for us since typically most of the restaurants are 5 or 10 minutes tops from church. Mackenzie hadn't had much for breakfast that morning, so after church and bible class she was asking for a "nack" (snack). I gave her a box of raisins and she knew that wouldn't fill her appetite, so instead she cried in the back seat for a couple of minutes. I know it doesn't seem like that long, but 2 or 3 minutes is a long time for a real cry and not just her fake/whiny cry. She was really hungry. Brandon being the great father he is, stopped at a gas station and bought 3 different snack choices for her. We gave her Fig Newtons to eat for the first time and let's just say she LOVED them. She was quiet for the rest of the ride except when she said, "more" with her mouth full of fig newton.

The pictures don't clearly show how messy fig newtons are for a 22 month old, but let me clarify...THEY ARE VERY CRUMBLY!!! Plus they get a little sticky! We had to dust her off and pull out the wipes before we could take her into the restaurant. Needless to say after having 4 fig newtons just before lunch, she didn't really eat anything at the restaurant, but that's okay.

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  1. Liz is a fan, also! You can't go wrong with Newtons - strawberry is her favorite though. I bet Mackenzie would like those, too.


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