Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I've lived in Texas all my life and lived with the stereo type that we all walk around with cowboy hats on. Living in Houston, you don't see too much of that unless it's rodeo season. I've known people that where them on a regular basis, but they are usually out in the suburbs and it seems a little more normal.

That brings me to this morning when I was driving behind a subaru hatchback with a man wearing a cowboy hat. Maybe I'm adding another stereotype, but if you are wearing a cowboy hat, shouldn't you be in a truck?! Not only is he not driving a truck, but he's driving a subaru. The people I've met that wear cowboy hats typically own American made vehicles - mainly because they are the ones making the big heavy duty trucks.

To top it all off he was driving to his job/appointment in the galleria area. What are you doing/where are you working in the galleria area that requires you to where a cowboy hat? Since I'm not really a hat person, maybe I don't understand.

I guess it's all about timing and location. Had I seen this out in the suburbs on the weekend, I wouldn't have taken a second look. But on a Tuesday morning at 7:00am in the Houston city limits - it seems strange.

I know there are probably so many things wrong with what I've said and my reasoning is probably far fetched, but that's what I was thinking on my drive in this morning. Aren't you glad I shared? ;)

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