Thursday, July 29, 2010


*The following story is sad, so beware.*

When I was a freshman in college, my parents moved to a new house. After 2 years of me away from home, they felt the need to fill my absense in the house, they bought a dog. ;) Not brother was 12 and had been asking for a dog for probably 9 years! Either way, a dog they bought! This was a big deal because my mom and I aren't really "animal people". Before 2000 my mom and I would pet dogs and cats, but we didn't hold them. Once "Chubbs" was brought home, it was a whole new story.
This is Chubbs. He's part shar pei, chow and pug. The shar pei was more obvious when he was a puppy, but he had to live up to his name, so he out grew his wrinkles! Unfortunately, all of my pictures of him as a puppy are in storage.

Chubbs has made us laugh from the beginning. He LOVES ice cream. My parents would give him a tiny bowl of ice cream. You would hear the bowl scoot across the tile floor until he had licked it all up. He loved people food! Below is a picture after Thanksgiving dinner. Who needs a dishwasher!
For the first few years, Chubbs was put in his kennel in the utility room whenever my parents left the house. On Sundays when I would visit, we would start to gather in the living room before leaving for church, Chubbs would recognize that we were about to leave and go to his kennel waiting for his treat before the door closed. Even years later when my parents didn't close the door, he always laid down in his kennel until everyone was gone.

Chubbs loved animals. This is him looking at the ducks on the other side of the fence. I once got a huge rope burn on my hand from his leash. He ran off to go see another dog and I grabbed the retractable leash not knowing he had so much power to pull the leash out of my hand.

Above is Chubbs and one of his best friends, my brother Ryan. Below is Chubbs giving a ride to my nephew. Mackenzie would never/has never done this! ;)

Sadly, the doctors found a tumor in Chubbs' body and his health deteriorated over the last couple of months until last Thursday night the doctors had to put Chubbs to sleep. :(

He was a part of our family for 10 years and prior to the year 2000, I never understood why people were upset when they lost a family pet. Now I get it. Saturday, I'm going to visit my parents and it's going to be so different to walk in the door and not have Chubbs come running to greet me.

Chubbs you will forever be missed!


  1. He was such a good dog! We loved him too and are so sad that he is gone. I loved your older photos! Thanks for sharing...

  2. He was always the first to greet me at the door. I loved him. It was fun to see these photos I hadn't seen before.


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